Winter Wellness Kit
Winter Wellness Kit
Winter Wellness Kit
Winter Wellness Kit
Winter Wellness Kit
Winter Wellness Kit

Winter Wellness Kit

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Introducing our Winter Wellness Kit

We have compiled these bountiful elements in one seasonal kit to assist you in your Winter Wellness resiliency.

These 4 remedies are designed to uplift, ground, warm, detox, moisturize, energize and sooth your soul and soles.  They are packaged with love all nestled in our hip little hemp bag.

Without further ado...


Earth Balm : Grounding and uplifting, this mix contains basil that can help calm and relieve anxiety and depression. It infuses plantain that draws toxicity from the body and helps slow blood flow.  A touch of lemonbalm is used to treat headaches and has an uplifting effect.  Some sprigs of Rosemary can help with memory and enhanced oxygen intake for circulation.

Elements: Sunflower Oil, Plantain Powder, Dried Organic Bay Leaf, Almond Oil, Rose Infused Oil, Lemonbalm Infused Oil, Fresh Organic Basil, Beeswax, Marjoram Essential OIl


Winter Forest Breeze Balm:  Inhale the fresh winter forest through your pores.  Shea butter gently moisturizes with hints of uplifting spruce and energizing juniper.  Pine infused into this fresh breath for your skin with antimicrobial, antiseptic and a healthy dose of Vitamin C. 

Elements: Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Juniper Cinnamon Infused Oil, Juniper Conifer Infused Oil, Spruce Infused Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil


Cocoa Dreams Lotion Bar:  Sooth your soul and soles with this dreamy lotion bar.  Use on your feet for a rejuvenation that begins from the ground up.  Rose infused for a calming and soothing touch on winter dried skin. Calendula repairs while adding antiseptic and anti inflammatory powers.  Lavender and Chamomile pair up to add relaxing aromas with a light rejuvenation.  Orange and cocoa to uplift and moisturize anywhere you choose.  

Elements: Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Calendula, Orange, Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Lemon Essential Oil


Adventuritis Herbal Bath Soak: One of our original remedies to round out this kit full of warmth and healing. An all natural remedy for soothing minor cuts, bumps, bruises and sprains. Lavender infused Epsom salts will relax and soothe sore muscles. Steep it in the warm bath like you would tea while your soul soaks up the warmth of winter rejuvenation. 

Elements: Organic Lotus Leaf, Organic Blue Vervain, Organic Lavender Flower, Organic Arnica Flower, Organic Sage Leaf, Lavender Oil Infused Epsom Salts


This kit was made with the assistance of our incredible new lead alchemist and Director of Product Development, Nicole Krupela.  You can read about her background and expertise HERE.

 *Hemp bag pictured is dyed with Himalayan Rhubarb and pomegranate. Available in original off white or you can request a bag be dyed to your preference from the following natural dyes:

Madder: red like Persian Rugs
Lac: potent purple
Pomegranate: green gold
Cutch: soft brown
Himalayan Rhubarb: rich gold