Herbal Bath Soaks

This special herbal blend: 
is great for soothing minor cuts, bumps, bruises and sprains.The Epsom salt and lavender will relax and soothe sore muscles.  Pour half of the bag of Epsom salt under warm running water directly into the bathtub.

Place half of the herbal blend into the cotton muslin bag and steep in a warm bath like you would tea.  Extra long hemp string is attached to place the bag on the faucet.  You can also pour the flora directly into the tub if you'd like to feel the flowers float around you.

A perfect remedy to end your activity filled days leaving only the aching for more adventures to be tended to. 


Pure Epsom Salt

Organic Lotus Leaf

Organic Blue Vervain

Organic Lavender Flower

Organic Arnica Flower

Organic Sage Leaf


9 ounces of Epsom salt, 1 ounce of herbal mixture, 4oz. reusable muslin tea bag with an extra long 100% hemp string. Enough for 2 baths.

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