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SoulCare for the Planet II : Community Clean Up Roosevelt Row Arts District

  Every community thrives with an urban cultural scene that allows the residents and visitors to gain a sense of what the city, it's artists, galleries and businesses represent. The literal road of Roosevelt Row goes as far back in time before Arizona reached statehood.  With a downtown scene in a suburban sprawl it has become one of the most treasured and important spaces to claim our cultural urban vibe along with one of the top 10 Arts Districts in the country.   Roosevelt Row Artists’ District is a walkable, creative district in the urban core of downtown Phoenix. It is nationally known for its arts and cultural events, award-winning restaurants, galleries, boutiques and live music. Roosevelt Row is a lead...

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Keep the Peace

Keep the Peace : Trail Mist We like our peace in surplus.  This leads us to yet another trail and story of the development of one of our simplest yet powerful remedies. Considering the amount of miles that have been covered throughout this journey of all the trails taken, one thing has always been an essential in the toughest of times- peace.     This blend was created out of the simple necessity for an aromatic attitude adjustment during any outdoor activity along with a nice refreshing delivery system.  Aromatherapy and athletics has a natural connection.  This read by Well and Good has some fresh ideas for how to pair and improve your activities and performance with Essential Oils. This...

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The Dirt Daily :: Blog of the Mindful

:: The Dirt Daily :: June 15, 2015 THE DIRT DAILY :: blog of the mindful “I am losing precious days. I am degenerating into a machine for making money. I am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. I must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news. ”— John Muir The Dirt Daily is a place for you to come and connect with kindred spirits. The contributors to this space all have unique gifts to offer that inspire different parts of all of us.  I hope you enjoy this beautiful garden of treasured souls as much as I do! Share the love that they have to offer.  Share your thoughts with us too,...

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