SoulCare for the Planet II : Community Clean Up Roosevelt Row Arts District


Every community thrives with an urban cultural scene that allows the residents and visitors to gain a sense of what the city, it's artists, galleries and businesses represent.

The literal road of Roosevelt Row goes as far back in time before Arizona reached statehood.  With a downtown scene in a suburban sprawl it has become one of the most treasured and important spaces to claim our cultural urban vibe along with one of the top 10 Arts Districts in the country.


Roosevelt Row Artists’ District is a walkable, creative district in the urban core of downtown Phoenix. It is nationally known for its arts and cultural events, award-winning restaurants, galleries, boutiques and live music. Roosevelt Row is a lead creative placemaker, fostering an urban renewal with rehabilitated bungalows and new infill projects.

The Artists’ District connects downtown Phoenix to historic neighborhoods including Garfield, Evans Churchill, F.Q. Story, Willo, Roosevelt, Historic Roosevelt and Grand Avenue. Roosevelt Row begins at 7th Avenue and extends east to 16th Street. On the north side it begins at Interstate 10 and extends south to Fillmore Street.


Roosevelt Row has been a vital mixed use area from the earliest days of the establishment of Phoenix. Many of the concrete sidewalks in the neighborhood were poured in 1909, three years before Arizona officially became the 48th State. In the early 1940s, when there were approximately 30,000 people living in Phoenix, numerous businesses were established along Roosevelt Street. The flower shop at Fifth Street and Roosevelt has been in continuous operation since 1948.

In the 1970s, parts of the area were re-zoned as a high-rise incentive district leading to land speculation and a decline of the neighborhood that lasted until the late 1990s.

The blighted area was attractive to artists because the boarded-up buildings and former crack houses were affordable for studio and gallery space. The arts were a major factor in the revitalization of the area and crime rates plummeted as more people began to venture into the area to experience the cultural vibrancy.

The corridor is re-emerging as one of the most dynamic areas in downtown Phoenix and a valued cultural resource in the metropolitan region and the state.

SoulCare has received so much support and inspiration from this community as we have grown. 

Local First AZ, the largest small business coalition in the country is located right on Roosevelt Row. 


Made Art Boutique features all local artists and was the first spot we had a pop-up shop and we were given the gift to be the featured artist for the month of March in 2016.


We also held our first workshop at Ben's Bells (their mission is so lovely and a very kind hearted story) thanks to Made Art Boutique.




The countless hours spent perusing the streets, galleries, shops, farmers market, cafe's and restaurants have given so much more than we can possibly repay.  However we will try! 

We are partnering with Keep Phoenix Beautiful, Roosevelt Row and Local First AZ to volunteer our time and walk the streets while we clean up the litter and trash along this corridor. 

We will meet at the Local First AZ office at 10am completing our volunteer work by 1pm. 407 E Roosevelt St. Phoenix AZ 85004.

We encourage you and the whole family to come out, help out, then enjoy the area after you have beautified it.  Our local businesses thrive in this district!

We hope to see you, walk the scene with you, and that you can gather mounds of litter and inspiration from our urban cultural scene. 

Please email to RSVP. 

Everyone that attends will receive a free Keep the Peace trail mist from SoulCare along with all kinds of good vibes and cultural growth.