Crafting Community Wellness

What does that even mean? 

We plan to share with you stitch by stitch what that means to us.  We have been working on our next segment of this purpose driven project and truly can't wait to show you what we have been up to when it is ready to strut down the wellness runway. 



Speaking of, the community we have chosen to help us with this meaningful, sustainable and up cycled project does just that.  They have created a resource that is so unique, fresh, chic, stuffed full of goodness and stitched together with purpose.  Fabric in Tempe has a story of a community committed to finding a better way to express fashion in a sustainable, sassy and chic style. 


The building was donated by the City of Tempe with the big responsibility given to the founders of this concept as a trade that for the use of the F.A.B.R.I.C. building, AZ APPAREL FOUNDATION “gives back” to the community in the form of programs, services and resources that equal the value of the building.  You can learn more about them here.


We were introduced to them via Tracey Martin who wrote the book Sustainable in Stilettos and spent the first Eco-Fashion week ever in Arizona at Fabric learning about the industry, it's challenges and the solutions.  What an introduction! 


We hired Uli who is a designer at Fabric to draft and make our first design.  The sample was given back to us a few weeks ago, It was beyond what we could have imagined and several tears of emotion were shed from many involved in this project.

We are getting ready to launch this in the fall and will be holding a fashion show at Fabric to introduce it all to the community. 

There are so many commonalities to our missions, they are working toward being the first zero waste manufacturing facility.  All of our materials are sustainable and up cycled.  They give a tremendous amount back to the community through education and support.  We will be giving 25% of this new project back to the community involved.

There are many things we still have to introduce, this is our first official introduction to this new voyage down the runway. 

Want to learn more?

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For this first stitch of education, we will share one of the materials we chose to utilize for the leather portion of the design. 
A hide from Hermann Oak. 

Their story is one of stringent adherence to the most sustainable practices while using what is considered a by product of the USDA beef packing houses, the hides.

Their native steer hides come from cattle that are processed under strict USDA supervision in the most humane way possible. 

The means they use to tan the leather is by using all organic materials, making their leather the most biodegradable of all leathers. 

The chemicals and dye used to tan leathers and color clothes are a tremendous pollutant to worldwide waterways and the people who make them.

Most other tanners have closed or left for foreign shores to not have to adhere to these practices.

This hide we purchased was tanned using African Tree Bark. It is gorgeous and we consider this to be the perfect supplier for this portion of our design.

You can read the full story of this leather supplier here

We will have more coming soon. If you would like to learn more about what the Fashion Revolution entails, click here.

Stay cool, yet haute.